Justin Schwab


Justin Schwab  


Time, the interaction of the viewer, and the “potential of the moment” are all elements being addressed in this current body of work.

The photographs evaluate time and the unknown. The viewer is caught in a scene with a limited field of view. This moment of visual isolation is an attempt to raise feelings of the unfamiliar and questions about what may come to pass. The sense that there is something beyond the visible, beyond this slice of time, is at the heart of the dialog between viewer and image.

The figurative sculptures capture an instant of human interaction. The figures frozen in the moment are unaware of the viewer, but the physical and spatial relationship of the viewer to the figures impacts the narrative. The viewer becomes complicit in the moment. Interaction amongst the group creates the possibility for unique interpretations of the event.

My photographs and sculptural forms represent durations of time. Each image is caught between one static moment and the next. Each is a portion of an unfolding narrative and attempts to place you in that moment. Both forms are simplified and contain only what is necessary to begin a dialog with you, the viewer. I am most interested in the potential you bring to the future of each presented moment.